October Instagram Roundup

Happy Friday, beauties! It has been one of *those* weeks, so Cody and I welcoming the weekend with wide-open arms. Anybody else had enough of this week? Pour me up a glass of wine ASAP. I really have been wanting to give you guys a status update on the house since a lot of you have been asking to see it (soon, I promise). So here goes!

The renovation is a little bit delayed because a pipe in the kitchen was damaged during the cabinet installation, so we’re hoping everything will be finished by mid next week. However, a LOT of changes have been made since my last home update here. All of the floors in the living room, dining area, master bedroom, and kitchen are IN! We chose a wood-look tile option since having authentic hardwood floors in a kitchen can be dangerous (they’ll ruin if there’s a leak). I wanted all the same flooring in the main areas, so we thought this was the best option. So far, I’m really happy with the wood-look tile. They don’t look cheap like some wood-look floors do! But I may be biased. 🙂 You guys can decide when I post the home reveal.

The master bathroom has been a bit of a challenge. Originally, I had picked out this GORGEOUS freestanding bathtub for the bathroom. Too little too late, we found out what we had selected was too big, so we were left scrambling to find an alternative option on a short deadline. We ended up not getting a freestanding tub, but we did tile more walls in the bathroom as a compromise. My whole goal with the master bathroom is for it to look like a spa, and I think once the floors go in we will have accomplished that. I am SO EXCITED to take a bath in a bathtub no one else has ever been in. That’s a weird thing to be excited about, I know, but renovating a house will make you excited about a lot of things you never thought of (like grout). 🙂

Right now, our contractor is painting our kitchen cabinets the prettiest, brightest white I ever did see! And we are getting our quartz countertops in next week. By far, the kitchen counters are the thing I’m most excited about. Right now we have a kind of blah-brown countertops in our apartment, so getting white quartz in the house is going to be a dream.

After the bathroom floors, kitchen cabinets, and countertops are in, all we have left is painting followed by MOVING. It will take me awhile to pick out and order all of our furniture once we’re moved in, but I’m so excited to get to looking. There will be a lot to do once the renovation is finished, but Cody and I are looking SO FORWARD to seeing our vision for the house come to life.

Below, I have a quick Instagram roundup for you guys! These are some of my most-recent posts over the past week or so. I’ve linked all of the products right below the pics for easy shopping. 🙂 Have a great weekend, loves!

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