November Instagram Roundup + Final House Update

Happy Thursday! What a whirlwind the past month has been. One of my sweet roommates from Baylor got married in San Francisco two weekends ago, Cody and I moved in to our new house last weekend, and this weekend we’re going to Kansas to watch my brother’s last college football game. There is so much going on, but despite being overwhelmed, Cody and I are so thankful to have so many fun and exciting things going on. I just need an espresso with me at ALL TIMES. 🙂

So today, I wanted to give you all one final house update before the big reveal…

As I mentioned, we FINALLY moved in to our newly-renovated home last weekend. We purchased a fixer-upper about two months ago, hired a contractor, and totally overhauled the interior of the house. All of my blog posts from the summer are littered with small details from the home-buying process, but for a comprehensive look at the renovation, check out this post, followed by this post.

The home-buying process was not easy for us, and I haven’t written much about it yet. Once we are all settled in, I’ll write a post about how we found (and bought) a house in an insanely competitive market.

But for now, the renovation is complete, we’re all moved in, and I’m zeroed in on the details. Our hardware in the kitchen was just installed yesterday, and next week, we have someone coming in to mount our TV, replace all of our old and yellowed power outlets and light switches, install fans and light fixtures, and tile our wet bar.

My favorite part of the house is the kitchen. I cannot get over our white quartz countertops (read about why we chose white quartz countertops over marble or granite here). I’ve been waking up extra early just to go have a cup of coffee in the kitchen. The difference in how the house looked when we bought it and now is mind blowing. I guess tearing down walls, ripping up floors, scraping off ceilings, painting walls, tearing out bathrooms, and replacing just about every square inch of a house will really make a difference in how it looks!! 🙂

Now, I am looking for some fun furniture upgrades, including a king-size bed, couch, dining table, and dresser. My first priority is a dining table since we don’t have one, and I’m thinking about one of these:

Thoughts on these picks? I’m having a hard time deciding what to get since the kitchen (and whole house) is VERY, very white. So I’m thinking something dark for contrast will work best. We will have something picked out next week, and then it will be time for the reveal! I am SO EXCITED for all of you to see it. I keep looking at the before picks and it shocks me every time. I’ll keep you all posted next week on when the exact date of the reveal will be. Stay tuned!


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