9 Intangible Christmas Gifts for Your Significant Other

The holidays are here, which means shopping and gift-giving are on all of our minds more than usual. This time of year, it’s easy to fall into the mindset that giving bigger, better, more-expensive gifts is the best way to show our significant others our love and appreciation. I definitely feel like that sometimes! But even though fancy gifts are always nice, sometimes the intangible can mean so much more. So today, I want to share 9 intangible Christmas gifts you can give to your husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend this holiday season!

9 intangible Christmas gifts for your significant other


Tickets – What’s their favorite sports team? Who’s their most beloved musician? Purchase tickets to an event you know they’ll enjoy attending. You can even think outside the box and purchase tickets to a comedy show, museum tour, or food and wine festival—something that will be fun and different for you to experience together.

Food – Whether you’re cooking their favorite meal or heading out to their favorite restaurant, eating is an activity that can be both delicious AND personal. If you’re cooking at home, turn the TV off, light some candles, and prepare an assortment of you SO’s favorite foods. Cook together, pop a bottle of wine, and enjoy the good company. If you’re heading out to eat, let yourselves indulge! Order a dessert (or two).

9 intangible Christmas gifts for your significant otherGetaway – Who doesn’t love to jet away for a weekend? Travel, even if it’s just across town for a staycation, is always a great gift. Think about a place they’ve always wanted to visit. Book tickets or plan a weekend road trip. Want to go for the gold? Coincide a getaway with an event you know they’d love to attend.

Classes – Is your SO interested in photography? Cooking? Foreign languages? Improv? There are fun classes for just about any skill or hobby your SO might enjoy. Think about a class you can take together, like dance! Learning how to do something new together is a ton of fun and will allow you to spend more time with one another.

Spa day – I don’t care who you are, everyone loves an afternoon at the spa. Get your man a deep-tissue massage to help release any built-up stress. A massage is something most people never think to purchase for themselves but is always SO appreciated.

Letters – This is a gift that costs nothing and requires the most thought. Write your SO letters or notes, describing why you love being with them. You can even write a series of letters to be read a specific times next year (birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day). How romantic! Plus, your SO will have something to look forward to all year long.

Membership – Has your SO been talking about hitting the gym in 2018? Or are they an avid golfer? Frequent flyer? Purchase them a membership you know they’ll use again and again, like at a golf club or airline lounge.

Subscription – There’s a subscription for everything these days, and they make for great gifts. Do the two of you love relaxing on the weekends while binging on new shows? Purchase a Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video subscription to expand your rolodex of TV and movie options. Do they love craft beer? Coffee? Whiskey? A good shave? There’s a subscription for that! Keep their favorite indulgences coming on a monthly basis.

Charitable donation – The most selfless gift of all—make a charitable donation in their name. A contribution of any size to a cause your SO loves might be the most important gift you ever give!

Gift-giving is a fun and rewarding part of closing out the year, but if you’re having trouble figuring out what to get your significant other this year, an intangible Christmas gift—an experience, adventure, opportunity to do something together—might be a great option for you.

What’s the best intangible gift you’ve ever given/received? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments!



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